Like most other websites, SKAT uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file that websites store on your computer to recognise you as a user when you return to the sites using the same computer. Cookies cannot tell us who you are, your name, your address or whether the computer has one or more users. Nor can they spread viruses, or in any other way do harm to your computer. 

When you enter and browse the site or log on, we will use cookies.


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Log files when you are logged on

When you log on to E-tax for businesses (TastSelvErhverv) or E-tax for individuals (TastSelvBorger), your actions on the pages will be recorded in log files. The log files store data about all activities in the individual system and provide SKAT with information such as:

• what IP address you are using
• what user ID you used to log on
• what pages you have visited
• what entries you made in the fields
• if you stopped at a specific stage while reporting figures in the system
• if you logged on using your NemID E-tax password (TastSelv-kode)
• if you change user rights.

SKAT is legally entitled to process the data according to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (Persondataloven). We use the data in the log files to improve usability, making it easier to use SKAT’s digital solutions. Furthermore, SKAT has a duty to record activities in its IT solutions to prevent and investigate abuse. SKAT may also use the information as a basis for checking individuals and businesses.

The information about you will be stored for five years.

According to the Act on Processing of Personal Data, you are entitled to request access to how we process data about you. You may also request that SKAT corrects or removes any incorrect or misleading data about you. If, after you requested access or correction of data, you disagree with SKAT’s decision, you have the right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet).

You are also entitled to contact SKAT and ask for an explanation if you believe that SKAT does not process the data about you in accordance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data. If you are dissatisfied with SKAT’s explanation, you may complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency.