Several individuals and businesses have received fake e-mails which seem to have been sent by SKAT. We urge recipients to delete such e-mails right away.

SKAT would never ask you in an e-mail to enter your credit card details. If you are asked to do so in an e-mail which seems to be from SKAT, then it is a fake e-mail. We urge you to delete the e-mail without clicking any links in it.

If you have already submitted your details, we urge you to contact your bank. You should also check whether any withdrawals are made from your account without your approval.

SKAT automatically pays overpaid tax into your NemKonto (EasyAccount), and SKAT would never insert a link in an e-mail directing you to a form where you are asked to enter your credit card details.

Fake e-mails come in various versions. You can see some examples below.

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