Date of publication
13 Dec 2005 14:53
Serial number
P nr. 37

The leaflet is a translation of the Danish leaflet Skat i Danmark. En introduktion - for nye borgere. The leaflet is an introduction to how and why we pay taxes in Denmark. It desribes the different taxes and the most common taxrules, and is directed at new citizens in Denmark. 

The leaflet is translated into English, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Somali. The translated version includes only the text, not the illustrations and drawings. Therefore we recommend that you use the translated version as a supplement to the Danish version.

You can se the English version in a pdf-version by clicking here, or by clicking at the button "Hent pdf-udgave".

You can get the leaflets in printed form at the taxcentres (skattecentre), municipalities and some libraries. 

What's new?
The leaflet was published for the first time nov. 2001. This is an up-dated and improved secondversion of the leaflet.
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