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COVID-19: Aid packages and repayment of loans

Here, you can find information about when you have to repay your loan and the conditions you have to meet to keep your loan.

You can also read about the impact of the aid package measures on your business.


Loan schemes

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VAT loans and payroll loans

Do you have a VAT loan or a payroll tax loan? Then you can read about the conditions that you have to meet in order to keep and repay your loan here.

VAT loan: Read more about conditions and repayment deadlines

Payroll loans: Remember that the repayment deadline is 1 November



A- tax loans

Do you have an A-tax loan? Here, you can read about the conditions for keeping and repaying the loan

Read more about conditions and repayment deadlines of A-tax loans

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Taxation on aid packages

According to the current rules, the amount you received based on a COVID-19 compensation scheme (aid package) should be taxed in the income year when your business obtained the right to the amount.

Read about taxation on aid packages

Read about VAT on aid packages



Changes related to aid packages

Read about payment of registration fees, the tax credit scheme, payment of B-income, tax return deadlines and compensation schemes. 

Read more about changes related to COVID-19 aid packages (currently in Danish only)

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virksomhedsguiden.dk (business guide)

Unfortunately, we are unable to guide you in all types of aid packages. You can find much more information about other aid packages in the Danish-language business guide www.virksomhedsguiden.dk

Read more at virksomhedsguiden.dk

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