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Implementation guide for the ICS system

ICS - Import Control System
ICS is a security declaration management system for the import of goods into the European Union. Its aim is to further ensure the protection of importation movements into the EU. The new regulation requires that a certain number of data elements be sent to the EU customs office of first entry before the means of transport enters the territory. Upon receipt of the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) message, the security-related risk analysis is performed. This risk analysis will primarily prevent import of goods, which is a threat to security and safety for the citizens in EU or a risk for the environment. Information necessary to use the system is given below.

This page describes in technical terms how to use the ICS system.

The ICS production and test system is now available with both web interface and Business-2-Business access.

Access to the systems
A prerequisite for connecting the systems using any communication channel is a certificate. The guide below describes how to obtain the necessary certificates:

Access to ICS can be done through the two communication channels below

Technical documents

  • Testfiles (ICS-DK) - Test files demonstrating the usage of the ICS system through the FTP-gateway
  • Wsdl/xsd files(ICS-DK) - XML Schema Definition (XSD) files describes the structure of the xml-files used to communicate with ICS-DK.
  • Reading guide (EU) - Reading Guide for ICS XML Mappings list. Contains information concerning the ICS messages. The messages are mapped to XML.
  • Flow charts (EU) - Scenarios and time sequence diagrams. This section contains the Time Sequence Diagrams for ICS Phase 1 processes. The different message exchange protocols are defined as a number of message exchange scenarios, each documented by one Time Sequence Diagram
  • File descriptions (EU) - Describes in detail the elements in the xsd-files and refers to rules and conditions that apply to the data.
  • Rules (EU) - Describes the Business rules for declarations
  • Conditions (EU) - Describes the behavior in case where special conditions occur.
  • Functional error reporting (EU) - Describes how functional and syntax errors will be reported from Skat's backend systems.
  • Common code lists for ICS and Manifest (EU) - Contains the code list which is used in both systems.