The first screen which you will see when accessing 'EU sales without VAT' is shown below:

Visning af billede: indberetning_1

The The screen displays the possible periods for which you can report EU sales without VAT (the periods indicated with the status 'Mangler' (Outstanding)) and the periods for which information has already been reported (with the status 'OK' or possibly 'Fejl' (Error)). You can view or change information for the periods which have already been reported, by clicking either 'Vis' (Show) or 'Ret' (Correct) on the line you want to view or change.

You have two reporting options: 1) Click the link 'Opret manuelt' (Create manually) or 2) 'Indberetning via fil' (Report via file).

It is quicker to send a file than to manually enter, for example, 50 VAT numbers. If you need to report information on more than 10 VAT numbers, we recommend that you do so via the 'Indberetning via fil' (Report via file) option.