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04.071A EN
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You should use this form if you are subject to full tax liability, must file a tax return, or if you have interest expenses that are deducted from your foreign income and these interest expenses have not been reported to the Danish Tax Agency.

You can also use this form if you are subject to limited tax liability and have chosen to be taxed according to the rules for cross-border workers.

If you submit the form by email as an attached file, save the file on your computer before attaching it.

Submit the completed form by logging on at and selecting:

’Kontakt’ (Contact) → ’Skriv til os’ (Write to us) → Indsend oplysningsskema for 2022 (Submit tax return  for 2022) → Oplysningsskema for udlandsforhold.  (Tax return for non-Danish tax matters).

You can also send it by regular post.


Postboks 9 
DK-4930 Maribo

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04.071  A  EN  (2021)

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