How much interest do I pay?

You get a tax deduction for the months where you pay off on your loan. You have to calculate the interest rate per month. Then you multiply that with the number of months you pay off on your loan. 

You have borrowed DKK 50,000 for a new car. You have to pay a 5% interest rate per year. You start paying off your loan in August, so you have the right to a tax deduction for five months (August-December).


Interest rate per yer: DKK 50,000 x 5/100=DKK 2,500.

Interest rate per month: DKK 2,500/12 = DKK 208.

Interest rate for five months: DKK 208 x 5 = DKK 1,040.

Write DKK 1,040 in the field.