You can see and change your preliminary income assessment for the coming year from the beginning of November.

  • Once you have made a change, you can see the result immediately and the impact it may have on your withholding rate, deductions and allowances, and thus your tax card.
  • Your employer will automatically receive the new tax card. 


  1. Log on to E-tax
  2. Click 'Forskudsopgørelsen' (Preliminary income assessment)
  3. You can now see and change the figures in your preliminary income assessment
  4. To see the most frequently added fields, click 'Oftest tilføjede felter' (Frequently added fields). Here you can also search for specific fields
  5. Click 'Beregn' (Calculate) at the bottom to the see the result of your changes
  6. Click 'Godkend' (Accept)
  7. A receipt page will be displayed confirming that we have received the changes. You have now changed your preliminary income assessment
  8. The new information is automatically sent to the person paying your salary (and withholding your tax).

For further legal information, please see our legal guide. Note that the guide is only available in Danish.