You log on to E-tax using your NemID/MitID or E-tax password.

  • We recommend that you use NemID/MitID.
  • If you have been authorised to log on on behalf of someone else, you must select 'Log på med autorisation' (Authorised logon).
  • In E-tax you can enter your telephone number and e-mail address so we can notify you of any updates.

We recommend that you use NemID/MitID. NemID/MitID is a secure, common log-on solution which you can use to log on to all public websites, online banking services and other private websites.

You can log on, order a password and get help with NemID at www.nemID or

If you do not have a NemID, you can log on using your E-tax password. You will receive a text message or e-mail with your password immediately, if you have entered your mobile phone number or e-mail address in E-tax. If not, the password will be sent to you by post after 8-14 days.

How to order an E-tax password

When you have logged on to E-tax, you can enter your telephone number or e-mail address to receive a text message or e-mail notification, when your tax assessment notice or preliminary income assessment is ready. You enter your contact details by clicking 'ret kontaktoplysninger' (change contact details).

For further legal information, please see our legal guide. Note that the guide is only available in Danish.