You may authorise somebody else to see and enter your information in E-tax (our self-service system - TastSelv) and thereby be your representative in matters with the Tax Agency. This person could be an adviser, an accountant, your spouse or another family member).

  • Authorised persons log on using their own NemID/MitID. They cannot use an E-tax password (TastSelv-kode).
  • You can give access to everything in E-tax or specific information.
  • You can also allow your spouse to use your data together with his/her own data, for example for making calculations or transferring information to your bank.

Log on to E-tax (TastSelv)

  1. Log on to E-tax (TastSelv)
  2. Select 'Profil' (Profile)
  3. Select ‘Giv adgang til rådgiver eller andre’ (Authorise your advisor or others).
  4. Enter the CPR no. or CVR/SE no. (business reg. no./VAT no.) of the person you want to authorise.
  5. Select the scope of the access
  6. Select the period of access
  7. Click 'Godkend' (Accept)

You have now authorised a third party to access the selected information in E-tax.

The third party access the specific information by going to E-tax usint NemID/MitID and selecting 'Log på med autorisation' (Authorised logon).

You can also authorise others by submitting a power of attorney to the Tax Agency. The Agency then helps you setting up the authorisation in your E-tax profile.

You can send us the information via the contact form in E-tax or by letter to:

Postboks 9
4930 Maribo

Or you can all us on (+45) 72 22 18 18. If you contact us as a representative, you need a written power of attorney.

Power of attorney for authorisation of party representative in E-tax , form 02.052

For further legal information, please see our Danish-language legal guide.