You can buy temporary stickers if you have a special reason for not using number plates.

  • The price of a temporary sticker is DKK 100 per day from 00.00 to 23.59  (including liability insurance).
  • Delivery time: 3-4 working days.

Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles

You may use temporary stickers when you are:

  • testing and adjusting a new vehicle but not when you are running in the vehicle.
  • importing or exporting a vehicle to or from the address of the importer or exporter. It is your responsibility to check if the temporary sticker may be used for entering and/or leaving the relevant countries.
  • test driving a vehicle in connection with repair but not when you are running in a reconditioned vehicle.
  • picking up or dropping off a vehicle for repair, leasing, purchase, sale or preparation.
  • driving a vehicle because you need to have it registered or approved, or where the vehicle has had its number plates revoked due to non-payment of vehicle tax.
  • driving a vehicle to another dealer, another leasing business, outlet, exhibition room or warehouse.
  • demonstrating a vehicle to a dealer, a leasing business or the staff of the dealer or the leasing business.
  • demonstrating or testing a vehicle for sale or leasing purposes. The vehicle may only be driven upon prior request by a potential buyer or lessee of a vehicle of the specific type.
  • photographing or filming a vehicle for advertising purposes. Only the car maker or the importer of the vehicle is allowed to drive.
  • test driving a vehicle in connection with preparing an article that has been agreed with the media. This only applies to journalists primarily working in motor journalism. 
  • solely for technical historical reasons - such as participating in a vintage car meeting - required to occasionally drive a vehicle registered for the first time more than 30 years ago. The vehicle must have passed an inspection within the past 8 years and its number plates may not have been confiscated due to poor condition the inspection has been passed.
  • going to participate in a motor racing event approved by the police and taking place on a car racing track or on designated routes and if you are driving to and from the track/routes. It is a requirement that the vehicle has been inspected and approved for exemption from motor racing within the past two years. The temporary sticker is issued to the person participating in the race. Participation must be documented upon request.
  • taking part in charitable and non-profit events (including taking part in a parade) and driving directly between the location where the car is kept and that of the event.

You can only order temporary stickers in the Register of Motor Vehicles if you have a Danish registered address.

As an owner or user of a vehicle, you can order temporary stickers in the Register of Motor Vehicles as long as you have an address in Denmark.

If the vehicle has previously been registered with Danish number plates, you need to unlock it using the codes from the registration certificate.

If the vehicle is registred in the Register of Motor Vehicles

  1. Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles
  2. Select 'Plader' (Plates) - 'Bestil specialplade' (Order special number plates) - 'Bestil prøvemærke' (Order temporary sticker).
  3. Search for and unlock the vehicle.
  4. State the reason for requesting temporary stickers and the relevant period.
  5. Select place of delivery.
  6. Pay and go to the receipt page.
  7. The stickers will be printed and sent to you by regular post. Delivery time may be up to 3-4 weekdays.

To see the status of your order, click ‘Vis status på pladebestilling' (Show number plate order status) under the ‘Plader' (Plates) tab.

If the vehicle cannot be found in the Register of Motor Vehicles

  1. Log on to the Register of Motor Vehicles
  2. Select 'Plader' (Plates) - 'Bestil specialplade' (Order special number plates) - 'Bestil prøvemærke' (Order temporary sticker).
  3. Select 'Stelnummer' (Vehicle identification no.) and complete the field.
  4. When you select ‘Fremsøg Køretøj' (Search for vehicle), you will get an error message saying that the vehicle cannot be found.
  5. Select 'Opret Køretøj' (Create vehicle profile) at the bottom of the page
  6. Complete the tab fields in the Register with the information you have.
  7. When the profile for your vehicle has been created, you can order the temporary stickers as described above.

Order rejected

If you have previously received temporary stickers more than once, we can reject your order as you should have your vehicle registered with normal number plates.

You will receive the temporary stickers right away. Please bring photo ID and your vehicle identification no.

You cannot buy temporary stickers on holidays or the day after Ascension Day (Kristi Himmelfart). Please note that special opening hours apply at Christmas and New Year.

Buy temporary stickers at one of our vehicle registration offices:

  • Aalborg
  • Aarhus
  • Odense
  • Høje-Taastrup

Find vehicle registration offices (motorekspedition)

Buy temporary stickers at the following customs clearance offices:

  • Frederikshavn
  • Hirtshals
  • Nørre Alslev 
  • Rønne
  • Esbjerg
  • Padborg (cash payment only)

The customs clearance offices issue temporary stickers from 9.00 to 14.00.

Find customs clearance offices (toldekspeditioner) at the web page of The Danish Customs Agency (only in Danish)

You can apply for commercial number plates if you are running a business carrying out activities which justify driving with temporary stickers, if you are a dealer, maker or mechanic for example.

You can apply by completing form 21.055 (only available in Danish).


  • Commercial number plates for cars: DKK 1,180 (+ annual tax of DKK 1,150)
  • Commercial number plates for motorbikes: DKK 590 (+ annual tax of DKK 190)

Danish temporary stickers and commercial number plates may be used when you are driving a vehicle from Denmark to or through Germany. Please note that such stickers and number plates cannot be used if you are driving from Germany to Denmark.

You may return to Denmark using German commercial plates (short-term plates) with a term of validity of maximum 7 days.

Commercial number plates and temporary stickers may be used when driving in Germany (newsletter in Danish)

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.