If you drive a lorry, buss or taxi, or if use your vehicle for work, to transport patients or for other special needs, particular rules apply for obtaining number plates.

1. Contact us before you register your vehicle

Contact the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen) before you register your vehicle if it the vehicle subject to reduced or no vehicle registration tax.

  1. Send an email to motorekspedition@motorst.dk and type name and number of 'klausul' in the subject line.
  2. Attach form 21.022: 'Anmeldelse om afgiftsfritagelse eller afgiftsnedsættelse' (Application for vehicle tax exemption or vehicle tax reduction).
  3. If it is a taxi, please use form 21.015: 'Anmeldelse - Taxikørsel eller sygetransport' (Taxi driving or transport of patients) and for example taxi licence or other proof of tax exemption. Please note that both forms are in Danish.
  4. Attach special licence or other supplementary information.

You will receive an email  with a copy of your receipt within approximately two working days.

2. Pay possible vehicle registration tax

If your vehicle is subject to vehicle registration tax, you need to pay this tax before you can buy number plates.

3. Register your vehicle

You can now buy number plates and have your vehicle registered at a number plate provider or in one of our vehicle registration offices.

You need to bring:

  • The receipt we have sent you
  • Photo ID
  • Insurance company information
  • Special licence/documents related to the type of vehicle

Find number plate provider (in Danish only but by entering your postal code in the search field you will find the ones nearest to you) or one of our vehicle registration offices.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.