The majority of individuals claiming refund of Danish divided tax can use our ordinary online claim form.

Representatives submitting numerous claims can do so by means of our special bulk claim submission format. Such representatives could be banks and agents making the claim on behalf of a major number of shareholders.

The bulk claim submission format is XML and it is submitted via the FTPS gateway of the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen). For security reasons, the bulk claim submission format can only be used by Danish businesses who have a valid OCES certificate issued by DanID and who are authorised to use this format by the Danish Tax Agency.

Please download the description the data elements and payload structure (Word). Please note that the link is in Danish.

Download the XML format (XSD) (zip). Please note that the link is in Danish.

Please see the description of how to access our FTPS gateway (Word).

In order for us to process the claim, the content of the XML file must meet a number of requirements besides those directly stated in the XSD.

See business-specific requirements to the XML file (Excel). Please note that the link is in Danish.

Documentation requirements

Claims submitted by means of the bulk claim submission format are subject to the same documentation requirements, processing times and other aspects of case processing as ordinary claims for refund of Danish dividend tax.

Obtaining authorisation

You can request authorisation to use the bulk claim submission format by submitting a request to Remember to state your SE no. (Danish VAT no.) and UID/RID on the relevant OCES certificate.
Please make sure that you encrypt your mail if it contains information that can be traced to a person or a business, CPR no. or SE no. for example. This could be done by means of Secure tunneling protocol, a TLS-encrypted connection or encryption using NemID/MitID.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.