Change your preliminary income assessment when you start receiving a production school grant (Skoleydelse)

  1. Log on to (E-tax for individuals).
  2. Go to 'Forskudsopgørelsen' (preliminary income assessment) for the relevant year.
  3. In field 216 - 'Kontanthjælp, delpension og orlovs-/fleks-/ledighedsydelse, flekslønstilskud mm.' (cash benefits, partial pension and leave/flex allowance, etc.) you write the total grant you expect to receive for the year - before tax. If the field is not visible, go to 'Oftest tilføjede felter' (frequently added fields), choose 'Arbejdsløs/fleksjob' (unemployed/flex job) and fill in the field. Click on the question mark next to the field to get more information.
  4. If you have had other income during the year, you need to check that the correct amounts are stated in your preliminary tax assessment. All amounts are stated before tax.
    • Go to 'Oftest tilføjede felter' (frequently added fields), and select 'Indkomst og betalt skat indtil ændring' (income and tax paid before change).
    • Next to the fields, you will see three calculators. They will give you an overview of your income and paid A-tax, which we have registered about you up until now. Click one of the calculators to check that the numbers are correct. If you have not received any salary, student grant (SU) or production school grant (skoleydelse) or paid A-tax for one or more months, you enter a "0" in the relevant fields for that month.
    • Click 'Overfør' (transfer) in the left corner. 
  5. Click 'Beregn' (calculate) at the bottom of the page and check that you have got the numbers right.
  6. Click 'Godkend' (approve).

Thank you - you are done!

Please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) if you have any questions.


When you start to receive a production school grant, you need to change your preliminary income assessment.

This applies, for instance, if you start receiving a production school grant because you begin studying at a production school.

If you have gone from a job or other income to receiving a production school grant, you can read more about what you should do at Skift fra job til SU eller skoleydelse (Going from a job to studying)