Our guidance meetings are for you who has set up your own business within the past two years and need general guidance about VAT, tax and reporting in E-tax (TastSelv).

We typically call you to guide you over the phone or Teams to discuss your specific questions. Generally, a guidance meeting will take up to 30 minutes.

Please see our video 'Ny virksomhed - hvordan gør jeg? Del 1' (New business - what do I do? Part 1) before our guidance meeting.

The video provide basic information about tax and VAT and prepare you for our meeting.

See our video: New business - what do I do?

Register for one of our webinars

Once you have seen the video, you can register for our webinars that will give you more detailed information about the topics and meet our tax experts who will answer your questions.

Register for our webinars (link in Danish)

You can book a guidance meeting in two ways, depending on whether your newly established business has a CVR no. (business reg. no.) or not:

Using a CVR no.: Order a guidance meeting via this form (link in Danish)

No CVR no.: Log on and order a guidance meeting via the contact form

Once you have logged on to E-tax and find the contact form, you select 'Start af virksomhed' (Starting a business) and then 'Andet om start af virksomhed' (Other information about starting a business).

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.