Dear Sir or Madam

It appears that something is wrong with the email address you have given us because you do not get our emails about VAT deadlines. The reason may be that your email is no longer active, you made a typo when you entered your email address or your inbox is full.

Please note that if you are late filing your VAT return, you will be charged a penalty of DKK 800. We therefore recommend that you correct your email address as soon as possible so you do not miss any deadlines.

How to correct your email address

You can correct your email address at Click ‘Profil’ → ‘Profiloplysninger’ (Profile information) → ‘Generelle kontaktoplysninger’ (General contact information).

If you have questions

Please call us on (+45) 72 22 28 67 if you have any questions on how to declare and pay VAT.


Yours faithfully

Danish Tax Agency