If you sell your non-Danish home, Danish tax legislation will determine if and how you will be taxed in Denmark on a possible profit. You may also have to pay non-Danish tax on a possible profit from the sale.

  • You will be taxed according to Danish tax legislation when you sell your non-Danish home.
  • If you have paid tax outside Denmark in relation to the sale, you may be entitled to a relief in the Danish tax payable.

Danish tax legislation applies whether you sell a non-Danish or a Danish home - both in relation to deciding if you can sell the property without being taxed and to calculating a possible taxable profit.

If you have used the home entirely or partly for private purposes, you will not be taxed in Denmark on a possible profit. But if you have used the property solely for rental purposes, you will be taxed in Denmark on a possible profit. However, you will be entitled to a tax relief, if you have already paid non-Danish tax on the profit of the sale.

You may have to pay tax outside Denmark, when you sell a home. The rules vary from country to country, so you should contact the tax authorities in the country where your home is located to find out more about the applicable tax legislation.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.