More and more businesses and workers cross borders and have financial acitivities beyond the Danish borders. Often, this will have tax consequences. 

In Denmark, the Danish Tax Agency is constantly focusing on improving our guidance about Danish tax matters to make it easier to pay the correct amount of tax. Our efforts include participating in campaigns with other EU countries and cooperating with the individual countries for the purpose of helping each other and the businesses or workers crossing our borders. 

On this page, you can read more about how we cooperate with other countries inside and outside the Nordic region, and what projects we are part of. 

The Oresund agreement

The Oresund agreement is a special tax agreement between Denmark and Sweden for private-sector employees commuting to and from work across Oresund.  

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Nordic eTax

Nordic eTax is a website for individuals living in the Nordic countries and searching for information about tax matters in other Nordic countries.  The website is developed in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the tax administrations of the Nordic countries, including the Danish Tax Agency.  

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Since 2020, the Danish Tax Agency has participated in EU’s campaign on social dumping and undeclared work ‘Fair Work, Fair Play‘. The campaign was part of the European Commission’s project ‘European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work’ that enhances cooperation between EU countries on undeclared work and social dumping.

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In Denmark, a high number of workers come from Romania. As a result, we have started cooperating with the Romanian authorities for the purpose of helping each other ensuring that businesses and workers get off to a good start and pay the correct amount of tax. 

If you are looking for work in Romania or would like to set up a business, you can find more information in this Romanien guide (in English)