What is a preliminary income assessment?

Your preliminary income assessment (forskudsopgørelse) is kind of your current income and tax budget for the year. If your personal or financial situation changes, you need to adjust your preliminary income assessment in E-tax (our self-service system TastSelv). The reason you have to change it could be that you got a student job or were granted a loan. You can change your preliminary income assessment whenever you need to throughout the year.

When you update your preliminary income assessment with the correct figures and information, you pay the right tax and are given the right tax deductions. It is also a way of making sure that you will not get a large tax bill at a later point in time.

See and correct your preliminary income assessment

Use our step-by-step guide

Here at our website for young taxpayers and students, you find many different step-by-step guides to help you correct your preliminary income assessment when you find yourself in a new situation or when your income changes. Go to the main page of skat.dk/youngtaxpayers to see the various situation and subjects.

When will I get my new preliminary income assessment?

Your new assessment will be ready in E-tax (our self-servic system TastSelv) each year in mid-November. It shows you our estimate of how your tax will be for the following year.

We do not receive all information on your financial situation, including salary increases or if you have bought a home. And that is why you should update your preliminary income assessment regularly.
When you do so, you also update your tax card which is automatically sent to your employer or other provider.

If you want to see your actual earnings, tax deductions or how much tax you paid last year, you find such information in your tax assessment notice (årsopgørelsen) in E-tax. Your tax assessment notice shows you what you actually earned and paid in taxes in the past calendar year. Your tax assessment notice is available in E-tax each year in March.

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