Was your tax refund more than what you were entitled to? If so, you can repay it right away or you can pay it in 3 instalments: in August, September and October,

Make your payment now  

You can either pay by dankort og via online banking. In most online banking options, the payment ID is separated in two, so you have to copy each of the separated items.

Here you find the payment ID

  1. Log on to E-tax (our self-service system TastSelv)
  2. Select 'Betaling' (Payment)
  3. Copy the payment information
  4. Make the payment via online banking

We send you an email or text message when it is time to make the first payment. If you have registered the payment with Betalingsservice (Nets direct debit service), the payment will be made automatically. You can also register the payment now.

How you register for Betalingsservice

You need the below information to register for Betalingsservice (Nets direct debit service):

  • PBS no.: 02056372
  • Debitorgruppe (debtor group): 00002
  • Kundenummer (customer no.): 16xxxxxx9xxxx25 (the xs are your CPR no.)

You can bring the information to your bank to get help to register for Betalingsservice.