If your scholarship is subject to tax, you must report the amount to us. You do so by changing your preliminary income assessment.
Below is a step-by-step guide showing you what to do.

Correcting your preliminary income assessment:

  1. Log on to skat.dk/tastselv.
  2. Select Forskudsopgørelsen 2020 (Preliminary income assessment 2020).
  3. Go to field 229 - Gruppelivsforsikring via fagforening, legater og bestemte personalegoder (Group life insurance, scholarships and certain employee benefits) and enter the amount of the scholarship. Click on the question mark next to the fields to get help. If the field is not visible, go to Andre felter (Other fields), select Indkomst (Income) and fill in the field. If you have previously entered a scholarship in this field, you need to add the new amount to the existing amount. Enter the amount before tax.

  4. If you have had other income during the year, you need to check that the correct amounts are entered in your preliminary income assessment. The amounts should be entered before tax.
    • Go to Oftest tilføjede felter (Frequently added fields) and select Indkomst og betalt skat indtil ændring (Income and tax paid up to date of change).
    • You will find three calculators by the fields. They will give you an overview of your income and paid A-tax that we have registered about you up until now. Click on one of the calculators and check that the numbers are correct. If you did not receive a salary, state educational grant or production grant for one or more months and therefore did not pay A-tax, please enter a "0" in the relevant fields for that month.
    • Click Overfør (Transfer) in the bottom left corner.
  5. Select Beregn (Continue) at the bottom of the page and check that your numbers are correct.
  6. Select Godkend (Accept).

Thank you - you are done!

Please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) if you have any questions.



  • If your scholarship is taxable, you need to report the amount to the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen). 
  • Travelling scholarships are tax-free if they are used to cover ordinary travel expenses between Denmark and the place where you study. 
  • Scholarships used for studies abroad are tax-free if they are used to cover living expenses and minor necessities.