Change your preliminary income assessment

  1. Log on to
  2. Select Forskudsopgørelsen 2020 (Preliminary income assessment 2020).
  3. In field 481 - Renteudgifter af gæld til pengeinstitutter mv. (Interest expenses to banks etc.) you enter your interest expenses. See example. If the field is not visible go to Andre felter (Other fields), select Fradrag (Deductions) and find the field.
  4. Select Beregn (Calculate) at the bottom of the page and check that your figures are correct.  
  5. Select 'Godkend' (Accept).

Thank you very much. You are done!

Please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) if you have any questions.



  • If you buy something in instalments, you are entitled to a deduction for your interest expenses. 
  • If you want your deduction throughout the year, you have to change your preliminary income assessment. 
  • If you have redeemed your loan, you need to change your preliminary income assessment so it only includes the interest expenses you had from 1 January until the date you redeemed your loan.
  • Always check your tax assessment notice when it comes in March to see if the figures related to your interest expenses are correct.