If you do not pay your debt to the public authorities, your debt will be referred to our debt collection department. It is our responsibility to make sure that public debt is settled in a correct way for everyone involved. If you have received a letter from us asking you to pay your debt, it is because it has been referred to our debt collection department.

If you cannot pay the amount, you need to call us on (+45) 70 15 73 04 and arrange a way for you to pay off your debt.

If you disagree with the amount, you need to contact the people who informed us of the debt. That could be:

Udbetaling Danmark: If your debt relates to rent subsidy.
The Danish Agency for Higher Education: If your debt relates to your student grant.
DSB: If you debt relates to train fines.


Please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) if you have any questions.