The tax assessment notice (årsopgørelsen) is an overview of your tax for the past calendar year. It shows your earnings, tax deductions and how much tax you have paid.
Your tax assessment notice is available in E-tax (our self-service system TastSelv) each year in March. It shows you if you are entitled to a tax refund or if you have paid too little and have to pay outstanding tax. Check it to see if the information is correct and change any incorrect figures and information.

You are responsible for the entries in your tax assessment notice, and as a result you should take good care of your NemID/MitID so other people do not get access to your information.

  1. Log on to E-tax for individuals (TastSelv Borger).
  2. Select Se årsopgørelsen for 2022 (See tax assessment notice for 2022).
  3. At the top of your notice it says whether your have to pay any outstanding tax or if you are entitled to a refund.

Understand your preliminary income assessment and your tax assessment notice

Grafikken viser en mand der holder to papirer oppe, som repræsenterer hhv. Årsopgørelsen og Forskudsopgørelse

Which is which?

Preliminary income assessment

This is our assessment of your tax budget (income and tax payable for the coming year).

  • Preliminary income assessment is:
  • Budget
  • Applies to next year
  • May be updated several times during the year

Tax assessment notice

This is our calculation of your final tax accounts for the past year (your actual earnings and tax payment).

  • Tax assessment notice is:
  • Accounts
  • Applies to the past year
  • Calculated once a year

When is it happening?

You can see your preliminary income assessment on each year from November.

You can see your tax assessment notice on each year in March.

What should I do?

Preliminary income assessment

Update your preliminary income assessment when it is available or if:

  • your income increases/decreases
  • you work more days from home than you usually do
  • you have received your frozen holiday pay
  • you raise a loan
  • you start/close a business

Tax assessment notice

Check your tax assessment notice and see if you are entitled to a refund or have to pay outstanding tax:

  • Check the information
  • Correct information if required


Most of your tax information is automatically included in your tax assessment notice. If you think the figures are incorrect, it may be because:

  • you have not adjusted your preliminary income assessment when your income changed.
  • you have used your primary tax card with several employers/providers and as a result you have been paid too much during the year. Your primary tax card should only be used by one employer/provider. Read more about primary tax card, secondary tax card and tax exemption card.
  • You have forgotten to enter your deduction for transport between home and work in your preliminary income assessment meaning you have not gotten your deduction.