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The Import Control System (ICS)

On EU-level it has been decided to increase the control of goods entering the EU. The objective of the regulations is to minimize the risk of terror, health threats, environmental impacts, etc.

The Import Control system is a new system launched by the EU. It's a risk assessment system regarding goods entering the EU from third countries.

This guide will inform you on how to access the ICS System, in order to lodge an ENS.

You need to obtain an EORI number  

You need to obtain an EORI number in order to get a digital signature from DanId.

A Danish economic operator already registered for import or export, does not have to register further. Hence the EORI number consists of the CVR number of the business and a prefixed DK, e.g. DK11223344.

Economic operators from other EU-countries obtain the EORI-number in the country they are established. 

An economic operator established outside the EU, has to acquire the EORI-number from the EU country, in which it first comes in contact with the customs . In case this is Denmark the economic operator has to apply for the EORI number through the Danish Business Authority.

Links and further information on how to obtain an EORI number, including information regarding foreign economic operators, can be found at EORI FAQ.


Obtain and install a digital signature

In order to access the ICS-system a digital signature is needed.

Currently 2 different signatures exist.

1)  An employee signature called "medarbejdersignatur" is primarily used when accessing the Web-based portal solution. You can obtain 3 employee signatures without costs.

2) A company signature called "virksomhedssignatur" is used for the FTP-gateway solution. In order to obtain a "virksomhedssignatur", Nets DanID charges a fee.

Accessing the FTP-gateway solution can be done using a "medarbejdersignatur" or "virksomhedssignatur".

Danish economic operators must apply for a signature directly from DanID. Hence a pin code is sent to you within 3 business days by mail. A digital signature is ordered through Nets DanID.

Foreign economic operators must apply for the digital signature through SKAT, who forwards the application to Nets DanID. To apply, please submit this form.

If you need any support installing the signature, please contact Nets DanID.

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In order to access the FTP-gateway solution using a "medarbejdersignatur" (M-OCES), the digital signature needs to be granted ICS access rights through TastSelv Erhverv. You can download a guide here (Danish).

  Access the ICS-system and lodge the ENS

Log on or start a file transfer using the FTP-gateway solution.

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