Form no.
04.032 EN
About this form

Use this form to report supplementary information to your tax return (limited tax liability), if you wish to be taxed according to title 1A of the Danish Withholding Tax Act. 

If you submit the form as an attached file in an email, please save the file on your own computer before you attach the file in an email.

You can also submit the completed for by logging on to E-tax (Tastselv) at and selecting ‘Kontakt' (Contact) > ‘Skriv til os' (Write to the Danish Tax Agency) > ‘Indsend/indberet til os (fx blanket)' (Submit/report (for example form)).

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You can see and complete your tax return for 2022 online in E-tax (TastSelv) from 13 March.

If you are entitled to a printed version of your tax assessment notice it will be sent to you by late May.

If you submit your tax return on paper, we will send you your tax assessment notice in the end of 2023. 

Note: Please save the form on your computer before completing it. Otherwise the data you enter may not be saved.
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