You will automatically get deduction for:

  • interest on bank loans
  • interest and contributions on mortgage loans
  • interest on consumer loans with a finance company
  • interest on a credit card arrangement
  • interest on debt to the public authorities

See your deduction for interest expenses in the tax assessment notice

Change your interest expenses in the preliminary income assessment, fields 481 and 483

Joint loans with your spouse

You can share the deduction by registering your individual share of the interest expenses on your individual preliminary income assessments and tax assessment notices. Log on to E-tax (TastSelv) to add the information.

Joint loans when you are not married

If you have a joint loan with someone that you are not married to, such as your cohabiting partner, you must contact us to change the distribution of interest. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to E-tax (TastSelv)
  2. Select 'Kontakt' (Contact)
  3. Select 'Skriv' (Write to us)
  4. Select 'Indkomst og fradrag' (Income and deductions)
  5. Select 'Årsopgørelsen 2017' (Tax assessment notice 2017)
  6. Select 'Spørgsmål og ændringer til årsopgørelsen 2017' (Questions and changes to tax assessment notice 2017)
  7. Select 'Fradrag' (Deductions)
  8. Select 'Rentefradrag' (Deduction for interest expenses)
  9. Enter the information requested. Remember to attach documentation in the form of a signed agreement (by all parties), stating how any debt (liability) is now distributed. We cannot process your request without documentation.
  10. Click 'Send' (Send)

If you separate

If you want to change the distribution of interest because you have separated and no longer have to share the interest deduction, use the same procedure as above.

If you want to deduct your interest expenses on a current basis during the year, you should enter them in your preliminary income assessment.

To claim your deduction(s) for interest expenses, you should enter it/them in your tax assessment notice:

  • Private loans where the person from whom you have borrowed the money is not legally obliged to report interest expenses to the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen).
  • Deductible interest on private debt.
  • If you buy or sell real property, there may be interest expenses from the completion statement which have not been reported to the Danish Tax Agency.
  • If you redeem or remortgage mortgage loans, there may be a difference in the interest expenses which has not been reported to the Danish Tax Agency.
  • Interest on loans with more than two owners.
  • If you have an owner-occupied home and have a joint loan taken out via the homeowners' association on which you are making repayments and paying interest via the monthly payments to the homeowners' association.
  • Interest on debt abroad.

Enter your interest expenses in your tax assessment notice, box 44

Interest on debt abroad should be entered under 'Udenlandsk indkomst' (Foreign income) (interest expenses in box 432 and debt in box 493).

  • skatInterest expenses for taxes, labour market contributions, special pension savings and customs and excise duties. 
  • If you have not paid your interest expenses for previous years, you will not be able to deduct the interest until you have paid the amount owing.
  • Interest if you have undertaken a debt obligation as an anticipated inheritance or a gift for your children, grandchildren, adopted children, foster children and stepchildren and their children and spouses. 
  • Interest on loans granted according to the Danish Act on Loans to Pay Property Taxes (Lov om lån til betaling af ejendomsskatter).
  • Interest on a housing allowance loan granted according to the Danish Act on Housing Allowance for Pensioners (Lov om boligydelse til pensionister) or according to the Danish Act on Individual Housing Allowance (Lov om individuel boligstøtte).
  • Interest covered by a tax-exempt grant (for example in connection with urban renewal loans).
  • Interest incumbent on the cooperative housing association and not the individual cooperative member. This also applies even if the individual member pays interest over the rent.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.