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01.012 ENG
About this form

This form is to be used when universities, research institutions or Danish enterprises make arrangements with approved researchers or highly-paid employees recruited abroad who wish to make use of the taxation rules according to article 48E-F of the Danish Withholding of Tax Act (Kildeskatteloven) during their employment. If a Danish personal tax number is needed, please use 01.012 Supplement - application for Danish personal tax number

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2020 - 01.012 A (Approved researcher)

2020 - 01.012 B (Highly-paid employee)


2019 - 01.012 A (Approved researcher)

2019 - 01.012 B (Highly-paid employee)


2018 - 01.012 A (Approved researcher)

2018 - 01.012 B (Highly-paid employee)


2017 - 01.012 A (Approved researcher)

2017 - 01.012 B (Highly-paid employee)

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