You can order an E-tax password here.

Below is a translation of the windows that open when you click 'Bestil ny TastSelv-kode'.

A screendump that shows the receipt when you have ordered your E-tax password 

Here you can order a new E-tax password.

Please enter your CPR-number (civil registration number) or personal tax number and click 'Fortsæt' (Continue).

We recommend that you get NemID. Click here to order your NemID. 

A screendump that shows your options of how you want to receive your TastSelv-code. Via E-mail, sms or letter

If you have previously informed us of your e-mail address and mobile number in the E-tax system, you can have your new E-tax password sent to you by e-mail or text message (SMS). You may also receive a PIN number by letter. 

Send my new E-tax password  by:

 - e-mail

 - text message (SMS) 

 - PIN number letter

Click 'Fortsæt' to continue.

A screendump that shows the receipt when you have ordered your E-tax password

You have now ordered a new E-tax password

You will receive a letter with your E-tax password within 5-14 days.

The password will be sent to the address registered with your civil registration number/personal tax number in the Danish National Register (Folkeregisteret).

If you have moved abroad, you can only receive a letter with the E-tax password if you  have notified the Danish National Register that you have moved.

Click 'Fortsæt' to continue.

For further legal information, please see our legal guide. Note that the guide is only available in Danish.