When the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) receives new information, for example from you, your employer or your bank, we usually generate a new tax assessment notice automatically.

  • You can see all the versions of your tax assessment notice in E-tax (TastSelv)
  • A new tax assessment notice may affect your tax payment or refund.

See your tax assessment notice

If you received a first tax assessment notice indicating that you are entitled to a tax refund and then receive a second tax assessment notice also indicating that you are entitled to a tax refund, both amounts will be credited to your NemKonto approximately within five working days unless you owe money to the authorities.

If the change means that you have to pay more tax, the date on which you receive the new tax assessment notice is critical. This also applies if you have already been credited with overpaid tax and then have to repay some of the refund.


How to pay
9 March - 1 September

You can pay the outstanding tax using a credit card or online banking.

Pay tax

You can also choose to not to pay now and let us carry your outstanding tax over to the next year. 

However, this does not apply if you have already received any overpaid tax, as you will then have to pay this year.

1 September to the end of the year You must pay the tax in three instalments during the autumn. You will find the payment information in E-tax.

Find payment information

In some cases the change may not be immediately apparent from your new tax assessment notice. This is usually because there have been changes in your pension arrangements that do not affect your tax bill. Still, you will automatically receive a new tax assessment notice.

If you receive a printed tax assessment notice, it is possible that you will receive an older version of your tax assessment notice by post after making changes in E-tax. This is because it takes a few days for the post to arrive. So check the number of the tax assessment notice in the top right-hand corner ('opgør nr.'). You can always see all the versions in E-tax.

If you have entered information or if your employer or bank, for example, has submitted information in the period of 9-26 March 2020, this information will appear on your first tax assessment notice generated on 26 March 2020 or later. 

You can still make changes to the version of your tax assessment notice that you see from 9 March 2020 and until 26 March 2020. Such changes replace amounts entered at an earlier date and thus generate a new tax assessment notice. Unfortunately, the earlier versions are not available if changes are made during this period.

You will be notified by email or text message about any new information added to your tax assessment in this period.


Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.