Once you have reported into the E-income system, you then pay A-tax (tax deducted from income at source) and labour market contributions you deducted.

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) has passed an aid package for corona-hit businesses

As a result, the deadline for paying A-tax and labour market contributions are extended for the months of April, May and June 2020.

Please read more at www.skat.dk/corona-aid 

  • If you use Nets LeverandørService (supplier service) to make the payments, you should sign up in E-tax for businesses (TastSelv Erhverv) or your bank. You approve every payment in E-tax for businesses.
  • You can also make an online payment through your online bank. See how in the step-by-step guide (in Danish) ‘Betal A-skat og am-bidrag’ (Paying A-tax and labour market contributions) under ‘Ansatte’ (Employees) in E-tax for businesses.
  • If you use a payroll bureau, your payment will be made automatically. If payment has not been made, you can pay via your online bank using the payment ID you find in E-tax for businesses under ‘Skattekontoen’ (Tax account) - ‘Stamoplysninger’ (Master data).
  • View all your payments under ‘Skattekonto’ in E-tax for businesses.

Log on to E-tax for businesses to pay A-tax and labour market contribution, select E-income

Log on to E-tax for businesses to see account status

A payment ID will be generated when you have submitted a file to E-income with information on the deducted A-tax and labour market contributions.

We will send you the payment ID with a report receipt once we have registered your report.

You will find the report receipt in the main menu in E-tax for businesses under ‘Meddelelse til virksomhed’ (Message to business). 

If you pay from a non-Danish bank account, you should use the account number,  IBAN, BIC/SWIFT code below. Remember to add your SE no. (VAT no.) in the comment field.


IBAN no.: DK87 0216 4069 1633 94


Account no.: 02164069163394

Account holder: The Danish Tax Agency


Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.