Earned income etc.

This field covers:

  • your ordinary salary (before labor market contributions)
  • holiday allowance and holiday pay from your employer
  • the value of employee benefits (multimedia facilities, company car and food and accommodation)
  • employer-funded health insurance
  • compensation for lost earnings
  • remuneration for work on boards, committees, etc. (enter other similar fees in field 210)

This field does not cover:

  • the value of multimedia facilities. If you are a co-working spouse, you should enter such value in field 210
  • the value of a company car; if you are a principal shareholder and have a company car at your disposal as a kind of dividend, you should enter such value in field 210
  • contributions to company pension schemes (neither the share of your employer nor your own share should be stated in the preliminary income assessment)
  • pension fund health insurances or health insurances provided by certain insurance companies and group life insurance premiums. Enter these in field 229
  • payment in connection with work experience. Enter such payments in field 216 (Social assistance benefits 'Kontanthjælp').

Further information:

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Free food and accommodation

Taxable and tax-free health services (Link in Danish)

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