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Transport between home and Work (deduction for transport)

By using the deduction calculator next to the field, the system can calculate your deduction for transport including special deductions for crossing bridges, living in peripheral municipalities and earning low incomes. You should enter the number of days you expect to travel, and you need to know the distance in kilometres or you should enter your home and work addresses. Finally, you complete the calculation by clicking 'Overfør sum' (Transfer total) in order to transfer the total to the field.

You are only entitled to a deduction if the distance between your home and work is more than 12 kilometres.

Rates per working day for 2023 (2022):

  • The first 24 km: No deduction.
  • 25-120 km: DKK 2.19 (1.98) per km.
  • Above 120 km: DKK 1.10 (0.99) per km.


Additional deduction for transport in 2023:

If your income before deduction of labour market contributions amounts to maximum DKK 303,000 in 2023 (2022 DKK 294,300), you are entitled to an additional deduction for transport between home and work in of 64% of the ordinary deduction for transport. The additional deduction cannot exceed DKK 15.400 and is reduced gradually for income above DKK 303,000 in 2023 (2022 DKK 294,300).


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Deduction for transport between home and work

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