You may authorise an adviser (e.g. your accountant, bank, spouse or other family member) to view and enter your information in E-tax.

  • Authorised persons log on using their own NemID/MitID. They cannot use an E-tax password.
  • Access can either be granted to all areas of E-tax or individual menu items.
  • You can also authorise your spouse to use your data together with his/her own data, for example for making calculations or transferring information to your bank.

Authorise third-party access to E-tax

  1. Log on to E-tax (TastSelv)
  2. Select 'Profiloplysninger' (Profile information)
  3. Select 'Autorisation af andre/rådgivere til TastSelv' (Allowing third-party/advisers access to E-tax).
  4. State the CPR no. (civil reg. no.) or CVR/SE no. (business reg. no./VAT no.) of the person you want to authorise to access your information.
  5. Select the areas of E-tax or individual menu items to which the person is authorised access.

The third party logs on by going to E-tax and selecting 'Log på med autorisation' (Authorised logon).

For further legal information, please see SKAT's legal guide. Note that the guide is only available in Danish.