If you buy goods such as spirits, nuts and coffee online from other EU countries and if you choose to arrange for shipping yourself, you must pay special duties. If you buy goods from countries outside the EU, the carrier calculates and collects the duties.

You must also pay excise duties (special duties) on goods subject to excise duty in Denmark when purchasing them online.

Examples of goods subject to excise duties:

  • Alcoholic beverages, e.g. spirits, wine and beer
  • Batteries (closed NiCd batteries)
  • Plastic or paper carrier bags with handles
  • Chocolate, cocoa, liquorice, liquorice allsorts and sweets
  • Cigarette paper, chewing tobacco and snuff
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and neon tubes
  • Disposable tableware (plates, cutlery, cups)
  • Coffee, including instant coffee
  • Coal and petroleum coke
  • Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and similar
  • Mineral oil products, e.g. petrol, diesel fuels and heating oil
  • Tobacco products, e.g. cigarettes, cigars and smoking tobacco
  • Growth promoters and antibiotics
Examples of taxes and duties on goods typically traded across borders
Beer, lager 4.6% alcohol Approx.   DKK 1 per 33cl bottle/can
Wine, ordinary table wine Approx.   DKK 8 per 75cl bottle
Spirits, 37% alcohol Approx.   DKK 55 per 100cl bottle
Chocolate, sweets Approx.   DKK 25 per kg


Please note that containers for beverages such as beer, soft drinks, mineral water etc. which are not intended for own consumption must carry a deposit label, see Dansk Retursystem.

In our legal guide, you can see a list of all the goods for which excise duties must be paid and the amount of the duties. Please note that the guide is in Danish. It can be difficult to navigate or understand the legal guide, so we recommend that you call us on (+45) 72 22 18 18 to get help with excise duties.

Goods from other EU countries

When you make an online purchase from other EU countries, the carrier often handles payment of the duties. However, you may also choose to arrange for shipping yourself and then it is your responsibility to pay taxes and duties on the goods.

Here is what you do:

  1. Log on
  2. Select 'Kontakt' (Contact) at the top of the page
  3. Select 'Skriv til os' (Write to us)
  4. Select 'Køb i udlandet (internethandel)' (Foreign trade (internet trade)) and then select 'Inden for EU' (Within the EU) or 'Uden for EU' (Outside the EU)
  5. Click 'Skriv besked' (Write to us)
  6. Enter the type and number of goods you bought, or attach the invoice you received for your goods under 'vedhæft bilag' (Attach file).
  7. enter your phone number and then possibly select what time it will suit you that we call you.
  8. Enter your email address in the field 'Tilføj ekstra e-mail-adresse' (Add additional e-mail address) to be notified by email when we have processed your request
  9. Click 'Send' (Send)
  10. When we have processed your request we will inform you of when and how you pay by logging on then selecting 'Kontakt' (Contact) and then 'Se svar fra os' (See our reply). If we have your email address we will also notify you by email.

Goods from countries outside the EU

When you make an online purchase from a country outside the EU, the carrier calculates and collects customs duty, VAT and other taxes and duties.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.