In the Register of Motor Vehicles you can see valuations of new and used vehicles made by the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen)and registered car dealers.

Seemingly similar vehicles may have been valued at different market prices as all vehicle are valued individually taking into account, their condition, equipment/features and mileage, for example.

You can access valuations of new cars made within the past six months, and valuations of used cars made within the past 12 months.

Access valuations in the Register of Motor Vehicles

You can search based on make and model. You will see a list of valuations for the specific vehicle.

If you do not find any valuations

Please try to:

Extend your search to include more models.

Select a model very similar in price to the one you search for.

Find the initial price and the expected vehicle depreciation of corresponding vehicles and use this price.

Vehicles of 0-1 years

Subject to section 4, subsection 11 of the Danish Registration Tax Act (Registreringsafgiftsloven) special depreciation rules apply to valuation of vehicles of 0-1 years. Consequently, these vehicles are not suitable for comparison.

You can see that the vehicle has been valued according to the rules on vehicles of 0-1 years by checking that the amount in the column ‘Handelspris' (Market price) differs from the sum of the amounts in the column 'Værdi og registreringsafgift' (Value and registration tax).

The valuation is an estimate based on the vehicle information and comparable market prices at the time of valuation.

Various adjustments for condition, mileage, extra features and specific purposes may have been made. As a result, you cannot assume that the valuations are comparable.

Valuations made by registered car dealers are not always approved by the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen).

Leasing vehicles

The initial price of new leasing vehicles is often lower than that of vehicles that will be sold for ordinary use.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.