In this phase, we check the information you have provided - in areas where we often experiense mistakes. We also check to see if the information we receive from third party (such as employers, banks and labour unions) is reported correctly.

In our self-service solutions for individuals and businesses we have set up help and check functions. By doing so, we prevent mistakes even before you report the information or click accept in E-tax (TastSelv)

We often screen information provided by individuals and businesses digitally. Subsequently, our tax inspectors may decide to contact the individual or the business in question to ask for documentation such as vouchers. 

If you are thorough and submit the information on time, it is less likely that we will decide to do a follow-up compliance check on the information you have provided. 

Our guidance for individuals and businesses contain our experience from our compliance check efforts. We are particularly focused on providing guidance on subjects that we know present a high risk of mistakes. Doing this, we may prevent mistakes in future reportings.

A lot of mistakes could also be prevented if individuals and businesses submit their information on time, which is why we send ud reminders and charge fees if deadlines are missed.