The deduction for household services has not been discontinued and as a result you can still claim a deduction for the wage costs on certain services carried out in your home or in your holiday home.

Claim your deduction for household services in E-tax:

  • For 2022: Select 'Forskudsopgørelsen' (Preliminary income assessment) and then click the calculator next to 'Servicefradrag' (Household services) field 461
  • For 2021: Selecty 'Ret årsopgørelsen' (Correct your tax assessment notice) and click the calculator next to 'Servicefradrag' (Household services) box 461.

Claim your deduction for household services

In 2022, the deduction for household services is DKK 6,400 per person (DKK 25,000 in 2021).

The value of the deduction is approx. 26% in 2022 (35% in 2021). If you have paid DKK 1,000 for a household service, you save approx. DKK 260 in taxes.

You are only entitled to a deduction for wage costs - not for materials used.

Deductible household services

  • Wash-down and wiping of surfaces in the home
  • Cleaning of toilet and bath/shower
  • Vacuum-cleaning, floor washing and floor polishing
  • Dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing
  • Cleaning or washing of carpets, curtains, blinds, etc.

Please note - expenses for washing, ironing and dry cleaning clothes and rugs etc. are only deductible when it is done in the home.

It is not possible to claim expenses for au pairs living in the home where the work is carried out.

  • Inside the building
  • Outside the building

  • Babysitting in the home or holiday home (not homework assistance)
  • Dropping off and picking up children from their daycare institution, school, leisure activities

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Weeding
  • Trimming of bushes and trees (not tree felling or removal of fallen trees)
  • Snow clearing
  • Cleaning of paving slabs in terraces, driveways etc. (cleaning of roofs and roof gutters is not deductible)

Please note - expenses for once-off projects such as establishing a new lawn or a new terrasse are not deductible

You are not entitled to a tax deduction if you have rented out your holiday home. Read more under Holiday homes.

You may claim a deduction for household services such as cleaning and babysitting carried out by private individuals. They have to compelte a service declaration or similar, be 18 years old by the end of the income year and be subject to full tax liability in Denmark.

Read more about Sales of services entitling the buyer to a deduction for household services (private individuals) (Currently only in Danish).

Form: Service declaration

  • To obtain a deduction for services carried out in 2021, the services must have been paid by no later than 28 February 2022. If they were paid later than that, you will otain the deduction in the income year in which they were paid.
  • Your payment should be electronic, such as by means of dankort, MobilePay or online banking (no cash payments).
  • Keep your documentation for the services.

Read more about the general terms for and payment of household services