Change your preliminary income assessment

  1. Log on to E-tax for individuals.
  2. Select Forskudsopgørelsen 2022 (Preliminary income assessment 2022).
  3. In field 201- Lønindkomst mv. (Earned income etc.) you enter what you expect to earn for the year before labour market contributions. See example.
  4. Go to Oftest tilføjedefelter (Frequently added fields) and select Indkomst og betalt skat indtil ændring (Income and paid tax up to date of change).
    • Field 353 - Pension, dagpenge og SU indtil ændring (ikke AM-bidragspligtig) (Pension benefits, unemployment, sickness or parental leave benefits and state education grant up date of change): Enter any amount you have received in benefits or state education grant so far this year.
    • Field 360 - Lønindkomst inkl. søindkomst indtil ændring (før fradrag af AM-bidrag) (Earned income up to date of change): Enter the salary you have earned so far this year. See the information on your latest payslip.
    • Field 361 - Betalt A-skat indtil ændring (A-tax paid up to date of change): Enter the amount you have paid in A-tax so far this year. See the information on your latest payslip.
    • It may also be a good idea to check if the date in the field Skattekort gyldigt fra (dag og måned) (366) (Tax card valid from (day and month), corresponds to the month in which you will start working.
  5. Select Beregn (Calculate) at the bottom of the page and check that your figures are correct.
  6. Select Godkend (Accept).

Thank you very much. You are done!

Please contact the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) if you have any questions.