If you disagree with the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency's (Motorstyrelsen) valuation of your vehicle, you have the right to appeal the decision to the Danish Motor Appeal Board (Motorankenævn). If your appeal concerns the tax liability or the calculation of the registration tax, you should appeal to the Danish National Tax Tribunal (Landsskatteretten).

  1. he deadline for appeal against a decision is three months.
  2. The fee for making an appeal is DKK 1,100.

Format of appeal

The appeal must be in writing and must contain all the points that you wish to appeal against. For each point you must provide details explaining why you disagree with our decision.

Please enclose:

  • the decision against which you are appealing
  • particulars of the case if you received any together with the decision
  • documents to support your appeal

You can request a meeting with a case administrator from the Tax Appeals Agency. Please state the request in the appeal, and your contact phone number.

Submitting your appeal

There are three ways to submit you appeal:

  1. online via the appeals portal of the Danish Tax Appeals Agency (Skatteankestyrelsen).
  2. as Digital Post via borger.dk if you are making an appeal as a private individual, or via virk.dk if the appeal concerns your business.
  3. by post to:
    Ved Vesterport 6,
    4. sal 1612 København V

Paying the appeal fee

The Danish tax Appeals Agency will contact you, when you should pay the appeal fee of DKK 1,100.

The Tax Appeals Agency will send the appeal to the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen) for our opinion. We may reopen the case if we find that the valuation of the vehicle is incorrectly assessed. If you agree with our new valuation, the appeal will be abandoned. If this is the case, you will not have to pay the fee of DKK 1,100.

If you do not agree with our decision, we will send our opinion to the Tax Appeals Agency, which is the secretariat for both the Motor Vehicle Board and the National Tax Tribunal (Landsskatteretten).

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.