If you want to know the exact registration tax if, for example, you import, export, convert a van to a car or need a total weight reduction of a vehicle, you can apply to the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen) for a binding ruling.

  • A fee of DKK 400 is charged for a binding ruling.
  • Payment should be made via online banking.
  • A copy of the vehicle registration certificate or the COC document must accompany the application. 
  • If you are applying as a an agent representing a party, you must send a declaration of consent together with the application.
  • Our response time may be up to three months.
  • Binding rulings on vehicle registration tax are valid for three months*

* However, a binding ruling is no longer valid if changes to acts or executive order which will have an impact on the ruling are made within these three months.

1. Select and complete one of the following forms

2. Please send the form by post to:

Nykøbingvej 76, bygning 45
4993 Sakskøbing

3. Paying the fee of DKK 400

  • By online banking

You should use payment slip type +73 and creditor number +81450536.

In the comments field, please state 'Binding ruling', your name and civil registration number (CPR) or central business registration number (CVR) to which the binding ruling relates.

  • From abroad

Payment via online banking from abroad:
IBAN no.: DK6502164069074065

The response time for binding rulings on vehicle registration tax may be up to two months. However, the response time may be longer if we do not receive all the necessary information from you and therefore have to contact you to obtain the information needed.

In special cases, we may refuse to reply to an application for a binding ruling. This may be the case, if, for example, your queries cannot be answered with certainty or if information is missing. If so, you will be refunded the fee.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.