Donation form for charitable organisations – information on amounts donated etc.

Form no.

03.012 EN

About the form

This form should be completed by charitable organisations approved according to section 8 A and/or section 12(3) of the Danish Tax Assessment Act (Ligningsloven).

The form should be submitted no later than 31 May in the following year. 

  • number of donors donating gifts of minimum DKK 200
  • number of fee-paying members
  • total amount donated
  • total regular donations
  • total non-Danish donations
  • total amount distributed according to the objects clause
  • annual gross income
  • assets.

Read more in Order no. 1656 of 19 December 2018

The deadline for submitting donation forms for the calendar year 2022 was 31 May 2023. You can submit donation forms for 2023 from mid-January 2024.