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New requirements for electronic sales registration systems for certain sectors in 2024

Information for owners of a cafe, bar, disco, pizzaria and other take aways, kiosk or restaurant, etc.


From 1 January 2024, businesses within specific sectors (see below) with annual turnover of less than DKK 10 million are required to use an electronic sales registration system. The system must comply with certain new statutory requirements, as stated in the Danish VAT Order.

The new electronic sales registration requirements may mean that your business must either update its electronic sales registration system with new software or acquire a completely new electronic sales registration system.

Who needs to meet the new requirements?

The rules apply to anyone who runs a business in one of the following four sectors with annual turnover of less than DKK 10 million:

  • Cafes, pubs, nightclubs etc. 
  • Pizzerias, fast food bars, ice cream parlours etc. 
  • Grocery stores and 24-hour convenience stores 
  • Restaurants 

For further legal information in Danish see our legal guide .