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02.043 EN - Generelfuldmagt/Power of attorney

Form no.

02.043 EN

About the form

This form may be used by anyone wishing to give power of attorney to an agent (family members or others) in communication with the Danish Tax Agency. 

Form 02.052 EN should be used instead if you specifically wish to give an agent (an advisor, family member or others) access (authorisation) to your information in our self-service system E-tax (TastSelv).

The power of attorney may be submitted by the person giving the power of attorney or the person named in the power of attorney. If the person named in the power of attorney submits it, the power of attorney must be signed by the person giving the power of attorney. Send the completed form to us by logging on to E-tax at skat.dk/english and selecting ‘Kontakt’ (Contact) → ‘Skriv til os’ (Write to us) → ‘Indsend/indberet til os (fx blanket/bilag)’ (Submit form/appendix etc. to us).

The form may also be submitted by post.

Postal address:

Nykøbingvej 76
Bygning 45
4990 Sakskøbing

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Please note

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