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04.055 EN - Carryforwards to subsequent income years

Form no.

04.055 EN

About the form

Use this form to declare deductible losses on real property, financial contracts, agreements, etc. and negative return on insurance/pension schemes that can be carried forward for set-off against any corresponding profits in subsequent income years.

If you submit the form by email as an attached file, save the file on your computer before attaching it.

You can submit the completed form by logging on to E-tax (Tastselv) at skat.dk/english and selecting:

‘Kontakt’ (Contact) → ‘Skriv til os’ (Write to us) → ‘Indsend/Indberet til os (fx blanket)’ (Submit form/appendix etc. to us).

You can also send it by regular post.


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For users of Apple products:
We often receive forms with empty fields from users who completed their forms in the Safari browser or Mac Image Viewer. The fields are empty due to a technical error in the PDF. We therefore recommend Mac users to complete their forms in another browser or use other software and then submit them to us.

Please note

Note: Please save the form on your computer before you complete it. Otherwise, you may lose unsaved data.