When you sell an owner-occupied home, you should change your interest expenses and your property value tax in your preliminary income assessment and tax assessment notice to avoid paying too little or too much tax. You only have to pay property value tax for the period  you live in the home. This also applies if you vacate the premises before the sales date.

  • Enter the date for then you move in field 767 in your preliminary income assessment and box 189 in your tax assessment notice.
  • Remember to change your interest expense in your preliminary income assessment if you convert your loan.
  • Your municipality collects property tax (land tax) so you do not have to change this in your preliminary income assessment.

Change your preliminary income assessment

Change your tax assessment notice, box 189, in E-tax

If you sell a cooperative home, you must change your interest expenses if your loan is converted or redeemed. You can do so in box 41 in your preliminary income assessment. Since you do not pay property value tax, you do not need to enter the date when you sell your home or move out.

You are not taxed on the profit from selling your cooperative home if you have lived there yourself and if the ground area belonging to the cooperative home is less than 1,400 m2.

Close relatives are defined as your children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents. Your siblings are not considered closely related family members. 

You may sell your property at a price corresponding to 85% of the public assessment of property without being charged gift tax.

If you sell the property to a price lower than the market value, it will be considered a gift. The market value being the price at which similar properties are traded.

If the gift exceeds the limit for gifts between closely related family members, gift tax will be charged.

As the seller, you will be taxed on the profit according to general rules.

Please see our legal guide (in Danish) for further legal information.