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Reporting pay in E-income

On this page you find information about how you report pay or fees to us - whether you do it yourself or you do it for a client.

You can report in your own payroll system or directly in E-income. E-income is a register that stores information about the income (salaries, state education grant, benefits and pension) of all Danes. More than 150 authorities use E-income and the information you enter in the register to calculate and pay public benefits, grants, etc. As a result, your work may have a great impact on the financial situation of your employees.

Extended payment deadlines for A-tax and labour market contributions in July and August 2023

The Danish parliament (Folketinget) has voted to extend the payment deadlines for A-tax and labour market contribution (AM-bidrag) in July and August. Increased energy taxes and the resulting cash flow strain have caused the new deadlines. 

Please note that the reporting deadline hasn’t been extended.

Read more about the new deadlines under A-tax and labour market contribution deadlines at Payments and Deadlines.

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