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Danish pensions if you move abroad

You can apply to receive social pensions such as the state pension, payments from ATP and early retirement pension even if you move to an EU country or a country outside the EU.

You are subject to limited tax liability in Denmark on your pension payments. This means that you have to pay an average tax rate because you do not belong to a specific Danish municipality.

If the annual ATP payment is less than DKK 2,950 (2019), you will receive the amount as a lump sum when you reach the retirement age. In that case, you must pay a charge of 40% instead of tax.

All pension types will be reported automatically to the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen). We generate a tax assessment notice on the basis of the information reported.

If you would like to bring your state pension or early retirement pension with you abroad (www.borger.dk - only in Danish)

For further legal information in Danish see our legal guide .