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Tax assessment notice (årsopgørelse)

Your tax assessment notice (årsopgørelsen) is a summary of your tax for the past year, showing your income, deductions and allowances and tax paid.

Your tax assessment for 2023 will be ready for you in E-tax (TastSelv) on 11 March 2024

It tells you if you are entitled to a refund of overpaid tax or if you have paid too little tax last year. The deadline for making changes to your tax assessment notice for 2023 is 1 May 2024.

If you didn’t manage to do it before the deadline of 1 May 2022, you can still do it in E-tax. There, you can change your tax assessment notices from other years if you forgot to enter a deduction or an income. Read more about how you correct previous tax assessment notices.

If you run your own business, you have to report your business profit or loss (your business result) for income year 2023 by no later than 1 July 2024. When you have reported and accepted your tax assessment notice, it will tell you if you are entitled to a tax refund of if you have to pay outstanding tax. Read more about how you report profit or loss on own business.

If you want to see your expected income, deductions and allowances and tax for 2024, you have to check your preliminary income assessment.

See and change your tax assessment notice

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